Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Wrap Up | March Goals

Hey Everybody!!

Just coming in for a quick little February wrap up and some goals for March, so let's get right into it!

There were some great, awesome and exciting things that happened during February! One of the most exciting things that happened was for my friend's birthday party! We went to this place called Escape the Room, where you and a group of friends are locked in a room and have a certain amount of time to unlock yourselves from the room. It was so much fun! There were so many locks and hidden keys and things you had to think about. We were sooooo close! We literally had the key but we ran out of time. It was such a great experience and I would definitely do it again with a group of friends :)

Unfortunately I did not do anything to celebrate Black History Month like I was planning to :( There was an event that my school was having called The Ebony Cafe and I was planning on going to that, but I had a basketball game I had to be at for pep band due to the scholarship I'm on. I guess I could still be grateful that I saw clips of what happened on SnapChat so it was nice to see that it had a great turn out of people there. I will definitely try to be there next year if I am able to :)

One thing that I did in honor of Black History Month is, in my literature class we have to choose an author to present about, and I chose Toni Morrison! I am currently reading The Bluest Eye and I have my presentation on March 9th so I really need to get my stuff together! I must say I really should be reading from black authors a lot more than I have been, and I think I will try to make an effort to do so :) More diverse authors in general!

I did clean the computer area in my room that was pretty messy, so that's one thing and probably the only thing off my February Goals list that I did accomplish haha! I still need to take the computer and monitor to Best Buy or something to donate it elsewhere or see what they can do with it because we are definitely not using it anymore because it stopped working on us :( But it's nice to not have it hoarding up space in my room anymore!

Now let's get on to my goals for March!

  • File Your TAXES!!! I really need to stop waiting until the last minute to do so....
  • Get registered to vote!
  • Seriously finish the Book Thief...and start reading another book!
  • Get back to journaling more often
  • Get back to reading blogs more often
  • And seriously get back on your workout game!!!
  • Enjoy Spring Break!
Here's a video to remember that just because February is over doesn't mean that our black history is over!

Thank you for stopping by! Did you do anything special in February? and what are some plans you have for March? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hey everybody! I've seen people do these types of blog posts in the past and I would always love to see what people were currently up to. So why not do one for myself?! 

Reading: Right now I'm currently reading The Book Thief, which I have been reading forever it seems like! I seriously need to take time out and read the book instead of reading it when I have a break on my job haahaa, because that's seriously has been the only time I have been reading Dx The sad thing is that I'm really enjoying the book! Like it's really good! So I'm going to try and take some time out at the end of the day before I go to bed -as long as I don't have any homework or tests to study for- and read a bit!

Eating: SOOOO my Mama made some banana pudding on Sunday or Monday, I think it was Sunday, and girl lemme tell you.... it is so GOOD!! It's like always good, but I guess I just haven't had any in a while and I sure am enjoying it while it's here! because it's practically gone already and she made a big dish of it too! I wish you guys could try it! Someday I'll let her teach me how to make it -cuz she's been trying to show me how to make it a couple times now, but I always say I have something to do like homework...or something..I's a shame...- and maybe I'll write a blog post with a recipe with it...MAYBE okay? haha!

Loving: I'm LOVING this MacBook my sister gave to me!! I know she's such a sweetheart but you would never hear me call her that to her face haha it's just weird! She gave me her old MacBook that she got back in 2011 for a church program we were in. She let me have it because she bought herself a new laptop from Wal-Mart at a really good price- I was literally so close to buying one for myself, but I decided it is best to save up and wait for a better deal or computer Now don't get me wrong, this MacBook is not new at all and it has to be plugged in at all times or else it will not work so if the laptop gets unplugged, it'll shut off immediately, which is frustrating, but I'm super careful with it so it's not that big of an issue. But it has been so nice to have this!! As you can (hopefully) see, I'm trying to blog more and it's just so much more convenient for me, with my schoolwork and everything! So thank you Andrea! :)

Listening To: I've been listening to so much from Coldplay recently! Like every since the SuperBowl even though I didn't even watch the Superbowl at all...I just heard that they were performing and I forgot how much I love Coldplay!! My new favorite song by them is "Fix You" you can listen to it here if you want to :)

Watching: I started watching New Girl about three weeks ago! That show is so funny! I love Jess so much! She's just so funny and quirky! I haven't watched any episodes for about a week because I usually watch it in the morning before I go to school, but lately I have been going to been pretty late, so I haven't gotten up earlier like I had been. But I'm going to try to go to bed earlier today since I don't have a test to study for and I haven't taken a nap! haha

Looking Forward To: I'm looking forward to this Saturday because it's my friend Brittany's 18th birthday and she's also having her birthday party on the same day! She literally always has the best birthday parties! Last year for her birthday party it was a mall race, where it was basically like a scavenger hunt in the mall to find certain things and take pictures of the item you're trying to find! It was so much fun! Now this year we're going to this place downtown called Room Escape-- your team has to solve clues and riddles in a certain amount of time in a "seemingly normal room" to make your escape! It seems super fun because I've never done anything like this. I'm thinking about if I should Google some riddles or something for practice, because I don't have much experience with them but hopefully I'll be okay!

Thinking About: Along with what I'm looking forward to, I'm also thinking about what I'm going to get for her birthday! I just got her something for Christmas which was a pretty nice gift and I knew she would like it, but I feel like I'm always giving her the same theme of gift which I don't think she minds at all so I want to try and switch it up. I usually get her something anime related or something book related, but I seriously need to think outside of the box because this may literally be the last time I can be at one of her birthday parties because she's going to go to college in a different country :( So I seriously need to think about what I should get her because time is ticking!!!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed that! I sure did enjoy writing about it! I'll probably try to do these every so often, maybe like once a month or so :D Thanks for stopping by! What are you guys currently doing? Feel free to let me know :)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

School Update!! | February Goals :D

Hey guys!

So I just wanted to come on here and talk about my spring 2016 semester of college! I'm not sure if I explained how I have to drive around 30 minutes from home each day to get to my college, but yeah that's what's up.

At first I was a little eerie about having to drive 30 minutes away from home each day, because last semester, I only had to do that three times a week. But you know I am really enjoying it! I changed my attitude about it and told myself that I'm going to have fun and not be discouraged -- and that's just what's happening!

Okay, now I have a confession to make... so on the first day of school I totally overslept and missed all of my classes for that day!! Dx I know terrible right?! I didn't go to bed until like 12 the night before and I didn't get back on a good sleeping schedule beforehand to get me prepared for the semester (because I have class at 8:00 am four times a week) and so when I woke up I looked at the time and it said 10:30am! I was so shocked and in denial, and I kept on asking questions like "Why didn't anybody wake me up?!!!!"

I was a mess ya'll... lets just say that. By the end of the day I was okay about it and I made sure I went to bed at an earlier time and had all my alarms set and the volume turned all the way up! haha that's never going to happen again!!

Overall, these first couple of weeks have been great :) it's been nice to see faces of people you know and made friends with in the previous semester and also to see new faces and create new friendships!

All my teachers are great and they all seem to really enjoy what they teach and what they do. It is always great to have teachers to love what they do :) I thank God for all my teachers and classmates that I have :D

Oh you guys might what to know what types of classes I'm taking right? I'm taking all my band classes (College band, Pep band, and Applied band -- private lessons), Chemistry, Psychology, and Literature! I have a total of 15 credit hours.

Now it's times for my February goals!!! yay #goals! jkjk

This month I want to focus on...

  • Cleaning the computer desk area in my room (get rid of the old computer because it's just hoarding up space now!!)
  • Read at least 1 book! yes I know...only one, but I've been on the same book for like 2 months now!
  • Do something for Black History month! :D even it's just watching Selma or something
  • Just organize and de-clutter your room of unnecessary things

The song that I was jamming to a lot in January was...

Thank you for stopping by!!! Have any of you overslept for school and freaked out like I did?? haha see ya in the next post!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Goals | 2016

My goals for January are going to be pretty brief since I have this whole list of New Year's Resolutions that I made and I'm trying to keep those in the back of my mind as well :)
  • Read 2-3 books -as usual haha
  • Finish watching Birth of a Beauty (it's the current Korean Drama I'm watching :D)
  • Clear out my school folders from last semester
  • Be excited for second semester of college!- change your attitude towards it
  • Change format of blog? -it's time for change man :)
That was super short I know, but I just want to make sure I have specific goals for each month in the year :) I hope you're enjoying 2016 so far and that it's treating you well. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Wrap Up | 2016 Resolutions~!

Can you believe 2015 is basically over already?! To me it didn't really go super quickly or slowly either, it just went at the right tempo I guess.

Now 2015 hasn't been the brightest year of all if we look at all the police brutality that happened this year to our black men and women. And of course the most recent Paris attack from Isis... It is all very sad and I wish none of this ever happened but unfortunately the world we live is in not as peaceful as we hope for.

Aside from these down and low things that happened throughout 2015, some great things still happened in my life :)

I graduated from high school, turned 18 years old, visited my relatives in Kansas City, was able to have all my family with me on Thanksgiving and Christmas, got a car, celebrated one year of being natural, etc, etc! Lots of great things happened this year, so many I can't even keep track of them all.

Last year in 2014 I had 10 goals for myself and I unfortunately only completed 4.5 of those goals! Haha! These 4.5 resolutions that I completed were as follows: Getting closer to God (this will probably always be on my list haha), writing monthly goals for myself, getting a car, deciding on a major, and the .5 goes to reading a book each month-- I didn't technically read a book every month, but I did read 20 books this year so that's reading more than reading 12 books right? so that's where the .5 is from haha!

Now let's get into my goals for 2016! (ya'll know I love making goals for myself right?! haha!)

  • Get closer to God (like I said earlier, this is something I'll always work on because it's a journey!)
  • Create a vision board-- I need to have a picture of how I want to see myself in the future and have a vision for myself :)
  • Look for a better job-- I need to try and get out of the food industry, even though I enjoy what I do and I enjoy the people around me, I deserve better and greater things for myself :)
  • Work hard/smart in school-- I'm always trying to get better at not procrastinating and being a better student, not saying that I'm not a good student, but sometimes I know I can do better than I'm giving, if that makes sense 
  • Be more presentable-- There's certain people who I watch on YouTube who are always looking presentable wherever they're going and I really admire that. I'm not sure if I'll try wearing make up to look more presentable or work on my fashion more, but I do want to try harder and do better
  • Make working out into a lifestyle-- I'm going to try to be active at least once a week. In these last few weeks of December I have been more motivated to workout and I want to make it into a lifestyle instead of it being a random workout kick that I have here and there
  • Eat healthier/ Meal Planning-- Of course with fitness comes having a right diet. Along with this I need to focus on limiting my proportions, which I just need to keep in the back of my mind whenever I'm about to eat. 
  • Start a YouTube Channel!-- I've been saying that I want to start a YouTube Channel for the longest time and it's about time that I actually go for it and start uploading stuff!
  • Try to get a new computer and camera-- In order to have a YouTube channel I need a camera of course! and I really need to replace the computer that stopped working about a month ago :(
  • Limit YouTube watching-- I talk a lot about how addicted I am to YouTube and it is so true. I really need to limit the amount of hours I spend watching YouTube videos haha! This one might be a hard one, not gonna lie...
  • Make my blog more personal!-- I need to definitely try to upload more consistently on here and more often than I have- honestly I just need to get in the habit of it and plan what I want to talk about! And I just want to share more of my life with you guys and be more personal :)
  • Crochet more/ Be more crafty!-- I barely crocheted anything this year and it's making me sad that I haven't, I guess I haven't been as motivated but I don't want to lose my craft and technique 
  • Get back to studying a Foreign Language-- I was obsessed with languages and I still love languages and I seriously need to practice my Spanish! It's hard when you don't have a class for it, but I don't want to lose all those years of Spanish...
  • Try out a Wash 'n Go!-- I've never done a wash 'n go before because I wasn't even sure if it would work on my type of hair, but I want to give it a try! Especially now that my hair is getting longer and longer :)
  • Read 25 books!-- Along with this I think I want to try another book challenge that are out there on YouTube and such because I completely failed at the Booktube-a-thon haha!
And those are all my goals for 2016!! I know it's a lot but these are things I really want to improve myself on! I'll be back with another blog post soon about my goals for January 2016 just to narrow things down a bit more haha :) Thanks for stopping by and feel free to tell me your plans and resolutions for 2016!!

This is my current favorite song as of yesterday btw... haha it's so funky!

Oh! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Protective Styling!

Hey Everyone!

I'm a firm believer in protective styling! I did it last year for 6 months and that's what I'm doing again this year!

I tend to put in braids or twists once fall hits and protective style until it is springtime. So I had braids in my hair in October all the way up until last Thursday when I took them out. I had them in for about two months.

The process of taking them out took me about an hour and a half because I wanted to make sure that my hair was detangled so that I wouldn't get frustrated with my hair later on when it came to washing it

It was nice to see my hair and how it's grown since the last time I saw it. I honestly don't know how much it grew though because I didn't take any before pictures or anything.

I deep conditioned my hair overnight and then the next morning I began to put my hair back into another protective style!

This time I put it in twists - which I honestly prefer better than braids because I feel like my hair texture blends in a lot better than it does with braiding hair.

It took me from 8 am to around 6 pm to complete all of this, with 2 breaks included for eating - because I literally cannot go without eating!!

I plan on keeping these twists in my hair for 2 months, which means I'll take them out sometime in February. Then I'll put in more twists and leave them in for another 2 months.

Then my 6 months of protective styling will be over and I will be able to wear my hair out again!!

Thank You for stopping!! Comments are always appreciated! If you are a natural, are you doing any protective styling for this season? and if you aren't, how are you rocking and styling your hair? Let me know! :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Finals Week!!

Hey Everybody!!

We have already reached the end of the semester and things are starting to crack down!! Has this semester gone by quickly for anyone else? I feel that it went really quickly, but it did start out slow to me.

For most college students this is finals week, which can be one of the most stressful times during the semester. So far I have gotten 3 out of 4 of my finals done.

The first final I had really caught me off guard and that was my philosophy final. My professor gave us the questions two weeks before it was due, but I was distracted by Thanksgiving break because I really wanted to enjoy my break and not worry about my homework and such.

I hope I got a good grade on it, but I definitely completed that final at the last minute.

Yesterday I took my College Algebra final, which I feel pretty good about. And today I took my Fitness for Life final which was super easy - I just checked my score and I got 69 out of 70! 

Now the main final I have to focus on now is my Art Appreciation final! This class has been my most difficult class surprisingly enough. 

I don't have this final until this upcoming Thursday, so I'm going to make sure I spend some good quality time studying for it so I can feel as confident as I have on some of my past finals!

Is anyone else studying for finals now? I now my friends who are still in high school don't have their finals until next week, but it's always good to be ahead of the game and be proactive!

After I take my Art Appreciation final on Thursday I will be done with this semester!! Which means I'll be on Winter Break!!!

That's all I have for now, but I'll definitely be back soon with another post :) Thanks for stopping by!